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Complete with 6 different pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, it transforms any space into a pleasantly fragrant one (without overpowering). 

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to promote a healthier mind and body. We’ve handpicked each and every scent, aiming to help you create a relaxing environment, free of stress, anxiety, and worry. 

If you’re particularly crafty, they go great in soaps, bath bombs, candles, and lotions. 

Essential Oils Set Features

Carefully curated, each and every essential oil helps to target different areas of the mind and body. Here’s a closer look at each of the 6 essential oils:


Arguably one of the most popular essential oils around, lavender has a calming effect. It works to promote relaxation and is believed to help with restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and physical and mental fatigue. 


Great for a number of conditions, peppermint has been used over the years to help reduce nausea, upset stomach, congestion, headaches, and itching.


Used in many cold remedies and other over-the-counter products today, eucalyptus oil has been found to help relieve congestion, speed up cold recovery times, reduce inflammation, and support muscle fatigue.


Not just used in cooking, the vanilla essential oil has many benefits, including antioxidant properties and calming effects. Vanilla works to promote a healthier skin complexion improves sleep quality and reduces tension and stress to uplift one’s mood.


Research has found that the antiseptic properties of geranium essential oil may be used to reduce acne breakouts. In addition to improving skin health, geranium oil is said to support a healthier mind, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue.

Sweet Orange

Many studies have shown that the use of sweet orange essential oil either topically or in aromatherapy, can help to reduce nervousness, stress, and tiredness, while also helping to relieve headaches and other minor bouts of body discomfort.


Essential oils can be diffused before bedtime if you have Sleep Disorders with a help of our diffuser and can promote better sleep by creating a calming atmosphere. The diffuser helps individuals relax and unwind, improving sleep quality for those with sleep disorders.


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