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KF1190 Espresso Tool Kit (4pc)



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  • Premium Espresso Accessories Elevate your espresso experience with a curated set of high-quality espresso accessories. Crafted for espresso enthusiasts, this bundle includes essential tools for perfecting your brew.
  • Durable Knock Box Features a sturdy knock box for easy disposal of coffee grounds, keeping your brewing area clean. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use, making it an indispensable part of your espresso station.
  • Precision Digital Weighing Scale Enhance your brewing precision with a digital scale designed for gram and ounce measurements. Perfect for measuring coffee beans with accuracy, ensuring the ideal coffee-to-water ratio for a consistently excellent espresso.
  • Espresso Coffee Tamper Achieve optimal extraction with the included espresso tamper, designed for professional-level tamping. Crafted with precision and ergonomic design, this tamper ensures uniform pressure for a balanced and flavorful shot.
  • WDT Tool for Espresso Perfection Take your espresso game to the next level with the included WDT tool. Designed to break up clumps in your coffee grounds, promoting even extraction and enhancing the flavor profile of your espresso.
  • Multifunctional Tamping Mat Protect your countertops and maintain a clean tamping station with the included tamping mat. The non-slip design provides stability while tamping, ensuring a mess-free and organized brewing process.

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