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Ultimate Meal Prep 12 Pack of Bamboo Lunch Boxes



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Ditch boring single-use plastic bags and make your eye reach for leftovers with this eco friendly lunch box! With a large single compartment, this is the perfect size for lunches and snacks

4 different options available (each contains 12 lunch boxes):

  • 12 Take Out Bamboo Lunch Box in Blush Pink
  • 12 Foodie Bamboo Lunch Box in Blue-Gray
  • 12 Leftovers Bamboo Lunch Box in Vivid Yellow
  • 12 All Color Combo (4 each Take Out, Foodie and Leftovers)


  • Eco-friendly lunch box
  • Plastic-free!
  • Measures 7.5-inches long x 5-inches wide x 2-inches high
  • Inside measurements for the actual container space are 7" x 4.75" x 1.75"
  • Sustainable materials: Made of bamboo fiber with a bamboo wood lid; silicone sleeve with text that reads TAKE OUT, FOODIE, or LEFTOVERS
    • This portable container is ideal to take with you anywhere - school, work, picnics, camping, or travel
    • Care instructions: Hand wash and thoroughly dry 
    • ​Bamboo is nontoxic, BPA- and PVC-free

    Did you know that bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants? Bamboo absorbs more carbon and produces more oxygen than other trees, making bamboo fiber as a sustainable alternative to plastic or wood. Bamboo is also free of BPA and other harmful ingredients, making it a sustainable and healthful choice you can feel good about.

    By Santa Barbara Design Studio


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